Solar energy is available as an energy source permanently and inexhaustibly. The use of solar energy can save fossil raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions. Heat (solar thermal energy) or electricity (photovoltaic) can be generated from solar energy. Solar energy is therefore an important building block for the conversion of the energy supply.

We, the S+R innosolar have devoloped Solar Home System, to ensure a minimum supply of electricity in areas (eg developing countries) that have not yet been connected to a power grid, thereby improving the quality of life.

Together with our customers, we want to implement the energy conversion and generate electricity exactly where it is needed.

With the help of high-quality photovoltaic modules and the sun as a clean energy source, you can easily generate your electricity on your own roof. With our Solar Home System you can use this unlimited resource for environmentally-friendly power.

Photovoltaics has become a viable option in recent years, especially for rural and isolated populations, because their costs for electricity generation have become competitive compared to other options such as the expansion of the conventional power grid or the use of diesel generators.

During the day, you will consume the generated electricity directly. Excess energy is automatically stored in the battery and can be used when the sun does not shine.

In order to store excess current, a lead-gel battery is used. Quality and safety are at the forefront.

With our future-oriented system solutions, we meet the needs of our customers around the world for maximum safety and longevity.


  • easy installation (Plug & Play),
  • user-friendly application,
  • low investment costs,
  • low maintenance,
  • high expansion capability and flexible application possibilities
  • avoiding greenhouse gas emissions