Product Power II

Produkt Power II

Power II


Our Solar Home System Modell Power II is a mobile and independent power supply system designed in Germany.

It covers the power supply for lighting and is suitable for a wide range of portable electrical appliances such as, for example, Mobile phones, PDA’s, digital cameras, GPS’s, MP3 players, radios and TVs. In addition, other 220V devices (e.g., notebooks) can be operated. Further areas of application are in the leisure, camping, boat and weekend houses.

The system consists of a solar module, a solar charger, an inverter for AC / DC consumption 300 W, a lead gel battery (12 V / 85 Ah), 4 LED lamps as well as connection cables, distribution box and switch.

An optional second battery provides a higher power.
For this purpose, a connection for a second solar panel is prepared.

Technical Data

Maximum output power 220V 300W
Maximum output power 12V 96W
Ambient temperature -10°C … +40°C
Humidity 10% … 90%
USB Connectors 2 (5V 2,1A and 5V 1A)
Connections for consumers 4 (à 12V,2A)
Dimensions central unit (WxHxD) 48 x 46 x 21
Dimensions of solar panel (WxHxD) 50 x 124 x 3,5