Our Solar Home Systems are independent photovoltaic systems, which provide a cost-effective way of supplying lighting and electrical equipment to remote, non-residential households.

The solar panels provide a mobile power supply for a wide range of portable electrical appliances (low-power DC devices), e.g. Lamps, mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, GPS’s, televisions, radios and MP3 players. The charging process is carried out by means of a corresponding cable, which connects the terminal to the charging socket of the panel.

In Africa, a number of renewable energy projects have been implemented using photovoltaic (PV). Solar energy is a reliable source because it does not contain any moving parts, is easily applicable to the geographical conditions of the rural population.

Large parts of the country’s population are without electricity and the only way for these people to access it is when existing networks are expanded or renewable on existing energy resources. Especially for Ethiopia, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, we recommend our Solar Home System. There are currently not even 20% of the population connected to the electricity grid, in the country’s population it should be even below 2%. Many Ethiopians currently use light from kerosene lamps, which are damaging to climate and health.

Our primary goal is to provide large parts of the rural population with autonomous, independent solar systems. To this end, an SHS (Solar Home System) has been developed by S + R, which meets the requirements of self-sufficient energy generation from these households. The devices are characterized by very high quality and robustness. The quality standard is very high as these devices were developed and built in Germany under the seal “Made in Germany” and were certified by the German TÜV.